#3 Not An Algorithm

#1 Chernobyl’s Blown Up Reactor 4 Just Woke Up - Andrew Tapalaga

The nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986 will forever be remembered, but the world will soon have a reminder of the event as the zone for some reason (yet unexplained by scientists) is becoming more radioactive. 


#2 Firm raises $15m to bring back woolly mammoth from extinction - The Guardian

Ten thousand years after woolly mammoths vanished from the face of the Earth, scientists are embarking on an ambitious project to bring the beasts back to the Arctic tundra.
The prospect of recreating mammoths and returning them to the wild has been discussed – seriously at times – for more than a decade, but on Monday researchers announced fresh funding they believe could make their dream a reality. 


#3 It Doesn’t Matter if You Don’t Think Your Content Is Good Enough

TikTok singers performing live is a perfect example of the power of social media.
They’re singing in a bar of 50 people and having the time of their life. A million people will watch their videos, but only a handful show up in person. The world is pretty cool, sometimes.
No matter how good their music is, it’s not the online views that matter, but the group of super fans who show up in support. That’s music. That’s art. That’s writing. That’s building a newsletter. That’s believing in yourself for long enough.


#4 What animals think of death

When the Virginia opossum feels threatened, she plays dead. Lying on the ground, curled up into something resembling the foetal position, with her eyes and mouth open and her tongue hanging out, she stops responding to the world. Her body temperature drops. Her breathing and heart rate are severely reduced. Her tongue, usually pink, takes on a blueish hue. She urinates, defecates, and expels a putrid-smelling liquid from her anal glands. To all outward appearance, she is no different from a corpse. In this deathly state, she waits. The opossum is aware of her surroundings, monitoring the present danger: a coyote in search of food. The canine, though, would rather feast on fresh meat than on some long-dead corpse, rotting and full of pathogens. And so the danger passes. Then the opossum springs back into action, unscathed and unfazed, and goes about the rest of her day. The trick worked.


#5 The Web Experience (via 10+things - Rishikesh shreehari)

How-i-experience-web-today.com is an interesting website that brilliantly demonstrates how today web is such a mess and how frustrating can it be for users. The website has every single annoying feature of modern websites like pop-ups for cookies, turn on notification reminders, subscribe forms, chat options and paywalls. The attention to detail on this website is astonishing and captures everything that annoys me![Check out How I experience web today]



#6 The Last Few Polio Survivors – Last of the Iron Lungs | Gizmodo